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They say it takes seven seconds for you to gain your first impressions when you come across someone new.

Well, if this is true then by now you will have already gained yours – so I really hope your first impressions are favorable and you continue through my website.

I hope you find it interesting, thought provoking and ultimately rewarding, because that is my wish. 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing......

Please take a couple of minutes to watch the video below.

It will give you an insight in to me and the value of hindsight when looking at the bigger picture.


Dream it – Believe it –  Achieve it

My aim in putting this website together is to give you some idea, some insight and to show that there are choices in life, rather than conforming to the usual 40,40,40 rule.

Most of us work for 40 hours a week , we then work for 40 years and we retire with a pension that is only 40% of the income that wasn’t really enough, when we were working.

THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES and it does not matter at what age you start looking at them   – just look at me !!!!!


I hope that in exploring this web site it will give you some ideas on thinking “out of the box” and thereby be in a position to see, evaluate and take an opportunity when life presents you with one. Watch the videos once and then watch them again.

Seeing and taking an opportunity can change your life.

At the top of this page you will see a menu and I would recommend that after watching the videos on this page you watch the section on Network Marketing . I hope you find it interesting  Many Thanks    

These two videos below have had an great influence on the way I think, everyday 

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